●  Dream Project Foundation (DPF) is an emerging entrepreneurship programme established in Nigeria.

●  DPF is a non-governmental organization with an unfeigned intention of promoting entrepreneurship, job creation and developing innovative business.

●  DPF funds and support entrepreneurs, aspiring business persons with viable business ideas within and outside the country.


●  Our mission is to eminently improve human welfare, creativity and reduce poverty.

●  DPF is designed to help and prepare entrepreneurs and aspiring business persons grow their newly emerged business or existing business venture to become successful companies.

●  DPF aims at making entrepreneurs with potential to become large and influential meet global standard.


●  The DPF Entrepreneurship Programme is open to everyone. Applicants will be required to fill and submit an application form to be considered.

●  Once the application is received, it will be judged by our team of business experts. Successful applicants are awarded financial grants and equipped with the basic tools to start up or grow their businesses.

●  Successful applicants may undergo trainings and practical skills acquisition programmes in multiple vocations.